An Authentic Life: Celebrating all things Camp at Sydney World Pride 2023
Being able to express your authentic self and finding your tribe is often a struggle for many of us, especially in cultures where your life path is mostly mapped out or implied from the moment you are born.
But imagine if your innermost desire was to express yourself as a queer person.
This year, we are celebrating World Pride in Sydney and the cultural precinct of Carriageworks is the home of the First Nations Gathering Space, Marri Madung Butbut (Many Brave Hearts). There are major installations, queer art parties, theatre shows, drag and family events. Last week we were fortunate to stumble on a deadly disco, honouring queer trailblazers as well as the legacy of the many artists whose lives were lost to AIDS. It is a celebration of glitter and glamour with tasty indigenous food and performances that took our breath away.
The focus of the night is on breaking boundaries, celebrating queerness and what it means to embrace our humanity and live an authentic life. I had some amazing conversations with indigenous Australians who have travelled from the regions to be here. I am hoping that they might contact me this week, so I can continue those conversations that barely touched the surface of their struggles.
Taking photos during a concert is a struggle at the best of times, thanks to the flashing lights and the movements of the performers. However, I am happy with this image of Malaysian-born musician, performance artist and DJ, Dyan Tai. His website tells me that Tai is recognised for his edgy performances that are a yin and yang blend of electronic music influenced by Asian instrumentation and culture. I read that his work and performances continue to center around his upbringing in conservative Malaysia and his quest to find freedom where we find ourselves.”
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