I have always loved taking photographs but I only took my camera controls off automatic in 2010. I am a Canon shooter and am particularly passionate about portrait and landscape imagery but I am developing skills in almost every genre. I have done event photography, put together a portfolio for exhibitions, documented stories & images for public interest campaigns and dabbled in studio work. My strength lies in  integrating photography with creative writing to craft powerful photo-narratives. I provide images as JPGs and copyright licensing agreements can be negotiated if you need exclusive use to images.​​​​​​​

Creative Writing
I have always loved documenting life through story telling and specialise in using images and words to help highlight the social issues you care about. I can use my creative writing abilities to document your campaign or story as a blog post, a series of photo-stories or an impactful web page narrative integrating creative writing with photography. I can provide output for marketing and sharing on social media platforms. 
Public Speaking
I am an inspirational public speaker. I draw on my life experiences of extensive travel both in Australia and around the world to share unusual ways of living, travelling and working that will captivate your audience. I have back-packed through all 7 continents, volunteered in numerous eco-villages in Europe, lived in a motorhome for 5-years, camped extensively in Africa, North America and Australia, guest-lectured at universities, run workshops and presented at many conferences and festivals. 
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