During May 2024, I spent 4 weeks at the Skymirror Gallery as a Photographer in Residence. In exchange for accomodation and the chance to deep dive into my aerial photography, I spent time helping out with various gallery tasks. It was an opportunity for me to build a greater body of work while gaining broad experience in what it takes to manage and run a gallery.
I helped out in tasks related to gallery curation, promotion on social media, and blogging about my stay. These tasks led to me raising my profile in the industry while delivering increased value to Skymirror Australia through growing their portfolio of images and customer base. In addition, I gave advice on the preparation of a new artist agreement and enjoyed discovering new areas to spend time with my drone.
Through my collaboration with the owner of the gallery, my stay culminated in an exhibition titled 'Salt Lake Art’. The exhibition will last for a month with many of my images available for sale in various formats.
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