If you are interested in developing your creativity, while travelling and volunteering around the world, then this is the presentation for you.
Fate or Destiny is a collection of photos and stories that aim to inspire people to make conscious choices in life. Nilmini launched this photo exhibition together with her photo book at the Hornsby Library in 2014 which then travelled to many venues around NSW. Her photography is inspired by her love for the natural environment and her desire to share stories of the extraordinary people she has met.
This exhibition was created after Nilmini completed two personal journeys. The first was a solo journey where she travelled and volunteered around the world for a year in her quest to rediscover happiness, reinvent herself and also complete her goal of spending quality time on every continent before turning 50. The goal was accomplished with her arrival in Antarctica for Christmas in 2010 after being on the road for much of that year. During this time she volunteered in several projects, one of which was Conservation and Photography in South Africa. This is where she first discovered her love for photography.
The second journey was undertaken with her partner Steven Liaros in 2013, when they spent 6 months in Europe and Sri Lanka, volunteering in intentional communities and eco-villages to better understand what drove people to think and live differently.
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