If you are interested in challenging yourself to spend time immersing yourself in your photography while exploring a local area for a prolonged period of time and learning new skills, then this is the presentation for you.
This presentation will focus on my recent 4-week stint as Artist in Residence at the Skymirror Gallery in Sea Lake Victoria. During my stay I was engaged in a variety of tasks ranging from promoting the social media presence of the gallery, blogging about my activities, assisting with choosing images for display, curating the display in the gallery, promoting the saleĀ of artwork while developing a brand new portfolio that will be showcased at the end of my stay.
Through my collaboration with the owner of the gallery, my stay culminated in an exhibition that will last for a month and having many of my images available for sale in various formats. I gave advice on the preparation of a new artist agreement and spent time exploring the surrounding area.
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