Nilmini discovered aerial abstract photography during a Wanderlust tour with Timothy and Robin Moon to Lake Tyrrell during the covid lockdowns. She marvelled at how differently she perceived the landscape when viewed from above. Once she started dabbling in aerial abstract photography, she was hooked. Since then she has travelled to Shark Bay with Tony Hewitt & Peter Eastway and to New Zealand with her partner to capture unique perspectives from small aircraft. Now, her DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone is never far away when she travels around Australia.
With no horizon to orient the viewer, abstract aerial photography lends itself differently to conveying emotions and feelings. Humans also have a propensity to look for shapes and patterns in the world around them. Nil loves the challenge of creating an image that makes you ‘see’ something from real life or to ‘feel’ an emotion so you can engage with her creations a little more. This presentation will also draw parallels with the ancient aerial paintings of Aboriginal artists. They imagined themselves hovering over Country as they documented the natural and mystical forms they visualised. Knowing their country intimately was crucial to their survival and Nil has always been fascinated by this connection.
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