Stories to live by in a time of transition

“We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” 

~Joseph Campbell


The World is changing

We are living through a time of great transition. Societies are becoming more divided because the stories that served us a generation ago no longer work for many of us. Our leaders have convinced us there is a division between us and them, left and right, science and politics, economics and environment. Yet these are just two parts of the whole. We need to think more holistically because everything is connected.  

We have always lived by stories. They have helped define our morality, belief systems and behaviour. Yet the narratives many of us inherited tell us that there is only one right way to live. We believe there are many stories. We just need to find the one that resonates with us.

Our goal at Narratives4Change is to help document, photograph and present those stories that help facilitate change. Individual stories of struggle and change may point to emerging social narratives of renewal, inclusivity and harmony with the natural world. By sharing these stories widely we hope to enable a shift in how we collectively see the world. 


Narratives4Change is a creative collaboration between Nilmini De Silva and Steven Liaros. Our work as a town planning and civil engineering consultancy can be found at Beautility Developments

Nilmini De Silva

I’m a documentary photographer based in Australia, who passionately pursues her dreams and inspires others to do likewise. I like to combine my creative passions with my technical experience as a civil engineer & project manager to create narratives that will help usher in a more regenerative way of living on the Earth. I love discovering places that are off the beaten track and feel drawn to people who have the courage to think outside the square. I am inspired by the sense of freedom and adventure in the people I meet while travelling. I have always had a ‘spiritual’ connection with nature and prefer to travel ‘close to the ground’ in order to fully connect.

Steven Liaros 

I‘m a town planner and author of ‘Rethinking the City’—an exploration of the historical narratives that underpin the organisation of cities—showing how these ideas are being transformed by the Internet. With qualifications in civil engineering, town planning and environmental law, I am currently undertaking a PhD research project at the University of Sydney’s Department of Political Economy. The project aim is to create a new model for regenerative land development based on the principles of the circular economy and as an organisational principle for building resilient and globally connected, local communities.


Explore The World

“Each of us has a treasure within that often goes undiscovered because we are so busy in the routines we have created for ourselves. Discovering this treasure is the search for our destiny and the journey towards unravelling our full potential; it is the pursuit of happiness. When you find this treasure, you would also have discovered your unique contribution to humanity”.

~Nilmini De Silva, Fate or Destiny, Living Life with Passion 


Documentary Photography

Nilmini is an accomplished documentary photographer with the skills to document your events and ideas through her photography and creative writing. The output can be provided as a blog post, a series of photographs or an impactful web page narrative using Adobe Spark that integrates creative writing with photography.

We specialise in using images and words to help highlight the social issues you care about.

Research & Advocacy

Steven is doing his PhD Research at the University of Sydney. The thesis title is: A New Paradigm for Land Development: Creating Regenerative Nodes within a Distributed & Networked Global City.

If you are interested in revitalising your regional or rural community we can advocate on your behalf to Council. We encourage regenerative agriculture, local renewable energy, a circular economy and a transition to a zero waste lifestyle. 

Public Speaking

Nilmini and Steven are both effective public speakers. They have conducted guest lectures at Universities, run workshops and presented at many conferences and festivals. They are both published authors. 

If you are looking for a couple of inspirational speakers for your event, they have a range of experiences to draw from. This includes their work in the Circular Economy, their life as digital nomads living and working out of a motorhome and their travels to communities around the world who are living a new narrative. 

There were formerly horizons within which people lived and thought and mythologized—horizons of the tribe or religious sect. There are now no more horizons. And with the dissolution of horizons we have experienced and are experiencing collisions, terrific collisions, not only of people but of their mythologies… I think it is improper to become hysterical about it, projecting hatred and blame. It is an inevitable, altogether natural thing that when energies that have never met before come into collision—each bearing its own pride—there should be turbulence. That is just what we are experiencing; and we are riding it: riding it to a new age, a new birth, a totally new condition of mankind.    ~Joseph Campbell